The Year of the LP is my excursion into the world of vinyl records, and adds to my curiosity as to why such a cumbersome, awkward device (i.e. the record player and the records themselves) can continue their popularity into what has become a predominately digitally-based music world. I grew up in a house with records, but my dad wouldn’t let me touch them. I could only look at the covers. For some reason, at the age of 25, I decided to start a record collection (before they disappear) and buy my own turntable.  I’m coming to find it’s nostalgic, it’s unique, and it’s actually pretty damn fun.

Basically, the gist of blog is this:

I will vow to spin 365 different vinyl records through the course of one year, devoting each day to a new blog post that highlights that day’s record of choice. In each post you’ll find a photo of the album cover (and liner sheet if it’s worthy) and a few words of review/commentary by yours truly. Mind you, I don’t intend these to be your run-of-the-mill musical reviews, with fluffy aural vocabulary as though writing about it places you on some sort of pedestal. I’m not a music critic, and don’t really even know what one is. Music, especially when heard through a record player, is meant to be enjoyed and interpreted in whatever unique way you want.

I have built a modest collection, and will likely use most of my own albums for each day. However, there’s no way I have 365, so what will I do to fill the entire year? That’s where you come in. Email me at eric.yrofthelp@gmail.com with suggestions on what I should listen to. Or, if you feel up to it, let’s arrange a swap, where I’ll borrow a record from you, and leave you one in return until I’m through with yours. (If you don’t live in Austin or Corpus Christi, and mail delivery becomes involved, we can work something out). I’ll also be making regular trips to record stores, thrift shops, and the ever-popular Half Price Books when I need to add to the collection. Definitely expect some blind picks, which should make for some interesting experiences.

I’m not counting anything out, and not going to deny anything that deserves a listen. You’ll probably get a sense of my tastes if you read enough posts, but if I like something or not, you can always count on honesty.

So that’s what we’ve got going on here. Check back everyday for a new post, a new album, and a new way to look at an old technology.

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